Feedback / Contacts

From 4 May to 1 June 2022 Homes England invited comments on the emerging proposals for new homes at St Martins West. The deadline for responses has now passed, but you can view relevant information on the emerging proposals by clicking on ‘Our Proposals’.


E-mail our stakeholder engagement team

What happens next?

Your feedback is important to us and all comments will be considered. Once the project team has reviewed your comments and those of other stakeholders, and once all of the technical supporting studies are complete, we will make any necessary amendments to the proposals.

This will ensure that all views have been considered prior to submission of an outline planning application. A report will be produced and made available on the feedback received.

It is anticipated that an outline planning application will be submitted in summer 2022.

Once the application has been submitted, it will be available for all interested parties to view on Canterbury City Council’s website, and there will be a formal opportunity to comment on the application directly to the Council as part of the Council’s statutory consultation process.